As a leader driving GPU accelerated solutions in AI, HPC, and edge computing, Supermicro's extensive sessions at GTC 2020 discuss state-of-the-art, yet highly affordable GPU, CPU, networking, and storage technology stack that eliminates the bottlenecks and barriers of today's GPU accelerated application. The technology stack by Supermicro features the latest NVIDIA A100 GPUs with NVIDIA NVLink® and NVIDIA NVSwitch™ support, GPUDirect Storage and RDMA, NVME-oF on InfiniBand, NGC, and more, as well as taking advantage of AMD EPYC CPU with high core counts and PCIe v4 lanes.

Watch now to learn more about Supermicro’s maximum acceleration and cost efficiency for AI, deep learning, and HPC applications.

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This fall’s GTC ran continuously for five days, across six regions, showcasing the latest breakthroughs in AI, data science, HPC, graphics, networking, and more.

Session 1
Title: Maximizing NVIDIA A100 Acceleration with Optimized Platform Designs
NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs based on the latest Ampere-technology are a momentous performance leap from previous generations. However, designing multi-GPU, multi-node systems that are quickly deployable at large-scale, that fully leverage the resulting performance leap is another gigantic task. In this session, James He, Supermicro's director of system product management, and Charu Chaubal, NVIDIA's product marketing manager, will share today's most demanding AI and HPC use cases. You will learn how our collaborative platform design helps you create large-scale GPU-cluster deployments with the latest-technology software stack. The building blocks design features up to 8 NVIDIA A100 GPUs with NVLink and NVSwitch, dual AMD EPYC processors with high core counts, and PCIe 4.0 lanes in one system. It combines the latest storage and networking technologies such as GPUDirect Storage and RDMA, NVME-oF, to keep up with the rapidly evolving data-hungry applications.

Session 2
Title: Deploying the Ultimate GPU Acceleration Tech Stack to Scale AI, Data Science, and HPC to the Next Level
As the size of AI and HPC datasets continues to grow exponentially, the amount of time spent loading data for your fast GPUs continues to expand due to slow I/O, bottlenecking your GPU-accelerated application performance. In this session, NVIDIA's Rob Davis and Supermicro’s Alok Srivastav discuss the latest technology leap in storage and networking that eliminates this bottleneck to bring your GPU acceleration to the next level. The topics include GPUDirect Storage and RDMA, NVMe-oF, PCIe 4.0, and teach you how to start building an ultimate GPU-accelerated application machine through Supermicro's latest technology innovations.

Session 3
Title: Delivering Faster AI with NGC and Uncompromised Power to the Edge with NEBS GPU Servers
As AI models and their applications rapidly evolve and are adopted to solve mission-critical problems, toolsets and frameworks required to take advantage of the latest GPU acceleration technologies are continuously changing. NVIDIA has built an ecosystem to simplify access to the latest AI developments in a trusted, consistent manner via containers. This ecosystem consists of NGC as the container registry and software hub, while system partners like Supermicro provide the certified server system plaforms. Supermicro offers among the broadest portfolio of NGC-certified systems ready to run modern ML/DL models at large-scale, enabling end-to-end AI infrastructures to build out from cloud data centers to on-premises infrastructures, to the edges. In this GTC Session, you will learn to implement faster AI development, aggregate GPUs to solve larger problems, and orchestrate systems at scale to integrate AI into business workflows. We also describe how you can bring the same powerful applications to the edge at scale with NEBS Level 3 certified Supermicro products optimized for 5G infrastructures.

Speaker Information

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Rob Davis Vice President of Storage Technology at the Nvidia Networking BU 
Rob Davis is the Vice President of Storage Technology at the Nvidia Networking BU where he focuses on ways to apply high-speed interface technology to storage systems. As technology leader and visionary for more than 35 years, he has been a key evaluator and decision maker for the development of storage networking products. He is currently leading the development and marketing of products based on NVMe over fabrics, which will allow for the high-speed networking of PCIe-based storage. Davis was previously Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at QLogic. Prior to QLogic, Davis spent 20 years at Ancor Communications. At Ancor, Davis served as Vice President of Advanced Development, Director of Technical Marketing, and Director of Engineering. Davis’ in-depth expertise spans Virtualization, Ethernet, Fibre Channel, SCSI, iSCSI, InfiniBand, RoCE, SAS, PCI, PM, SATA, and Flash Storage.


Charu Chaubal Senior Product Marketing Manager, NVIDIA
Charu Chaubal recently joined NVIDIA and is responsible for OEM product marketing. He has over 20 years’ experience in marketing, customer education and pre-sales of technology products and services. Charu has worked in a diversity of areas, such as Cloud Computing, Hyperconverged Infrastructure, and IT Security. As a technology marketing leader at VMware, he helped launch numerous offerings that collectively grew into multi-billion-dollar businesses. Previously, he worked at Sun Microsystems, where he architected distributed resource management and HPC infrastructure software solutions. Charu has a PhD in Chemical Engineering and is the author of several patents. 


Jay Lawrence General Manager for Technology Enablement, Supermicro 
Jay Lawrence is Supermicro’s General Manager for Technology Enablement. He is leading the development of 5G and telecommunications infrastructure solutions with a mission to keep Supermicro in the lead in this critical market vertical. Mr. Lawrence has over 20 years in the telecommunications domain. He has held senior executive positions in cutting-edge technology development such a millimeter wave radio system, and network operators including low latency and high-performance network providers based on hybrid fiber/wireless technologies. He has also created regulatory policy globally. Mr. Lawrence earned an BSEE from Boston University and is a “40 under 40 Award” recipient.


Alok K Srivastav Sr. Solutions Manager, Supermicro 
Alok K Srivastav, is a Sr. Solutions Manager responsible for helping Supermicro customers along their journey to AI/ML and HPC solutions. He is an interface with customer and SMCI leadership, driving collaboration among the other core account groups like Sales, FAE, Support, Solutions Architecture and Professional Services, product/engineering teams, and customer teams, a key part of supporting the customer. He also translates strategic initiatives in the account plan into executable actions. He has founded a cloud solutions company in the past and has earned Bachelor’s degree in Science and an Advanced Diploma in Software Technology.


Waiming Mok Director of Products, Supermicro 
Waiming Mok develops and promotes solutions for Supermicro. Solutions include GPU, AI, HPC and data center infrastructure. Prior to Supermicro, Waiming managed solutions and products for technology companies, including Themis Computer and Sun Microsystems. He is a long time member of the ACM and IEEE, and previously served as officer in the Silicon Valley Joint Chapter of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society.


James He Director of System Product Management, Supermicro
James He started his career as HW and SW designer on CDMA technologies. He has been working in IT industries for more than 22 years across Wireless, Telecom, Data Networking, Collaboration Space, IOT and recently focusing on the AI/GPU technologies. He has over 15 years of leading and managing experience of IT engineering functional teams - HW, Mechanical, Software Development, Dev-test, Compliance, Project Management and Product Management for multinational companies, and developed more than 150 products in very broad portfolios from consumer to Enterprise market. James holds a M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University.


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2124GQ-NART: 2U NVIDIA HGX A100 4-GPU Server


4124GS-TNR: 4U supporting 8 NVIDIA A100 PCIe GPUs


9029GP-TNVRT: 10U with 16 NVIDIA V100 SXM3 GPUs (HGX)


4029GR-TVRT: 4U supports 8 NVIDIA V100 SXM3 GPUs


7049GP-TRT: 4U/Tower Workstation supports 4 NVIDIA GPUs


4029GP-TRT: 4U 8-GPU System using Dual Root Complex


1029GQ-TRT: 1U supports 4 NVIDIA GPUs (active or passive)


2029GP-TR: 2U supports up to 6 NVIDIA GPUs


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