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Supermicro systems are delivering powerful new innovations in the worlds of AI, virtualization, simulation, and collaboration, and together with NVIDIA software and hardware solutions are helping to push the boundaries of what’s possible today for a brighter future tomorrow. Our range of industry-leading accelerated AI and HPC systems are designed to maximize performance and efficiency to help achieve your business goals.

AI Innovations-Building Blocks

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How On-Premises Deployment Can Overcome Six Critical AI Challenges

The choice of your AI hardware, software and hosting location should thus be driven not only by short-term cost minimization or promises of unlimited hardware scalability, but also the usability and scalability of the overall AI environment.

While major public cloud providers offer many benefits for various AI use cases, on-premises AI infrastructure — provided by pre-certified hardware and software solutions backed by enterprise-grade support — can dramatically reduce the time to value for AI applications. This is especially true when businesses must protect sensitive data; need highly customized hardware and software configurations; require flexibility in redeploying their AI infrastructure; and require higher levels of support than either hyperscalers or the open-source community can provide.


Smart AI Combos: Hardware And Infrastructure For Top Performance

Artificial Intelligence is booming. Advances in hardware and software are enabling AI to transform industries worldwide, from financial services, to manufacturing, healthcare, and many others. To move to the next phase, organizations now must optimize AI performance, scalability, and demonstrate a clear return on investment. 

Developing a consistent platform and infrastructure strategy for deploying and expanding AI is a key step for cost-effective growth.

This white paper will familiarize readers with what’s needed: from the basics to new technologies, and resources for selecting flexible, “future proof” AI hardware, platforms, and infrastructure. 


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NVIDIA GTC is more than a game-changing AI developer conference. It’s a global community committed to decoding the world’s greatest challenges, transforming every major industry workflow, and exploring tomorrow’s next big ideas—together. Join us this March and discover how to accelerate your life's work.

Deploying Omniverse at Rack Scale

As Omniverse is boosting creative workflow efficiency, Supermicro has built optimized solutions -from single high-powered workstation to dense rack scale- utilizing today’s highest quality and highest performance componentry available. This session gives an overview of deploying high-throughput high-performance Omniverse server architecture at scale to creative teams. We will discuss optimal Nucleus and virtualization strategies as well as selecting the right hardware for different creative workloads.

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AI Building Blocks for Industry 4.0

Supermicro will describe an implementation of federated deep learning using Supermicro AI platforms for Healthcare and Life Sciences, using a resilient architecture built with MONAI, NVIDIA FLARE, NVIDIA CLARA, Kubernetes, and CEPH. The implementation ran multi-day AI training of Variational Network models using fMRI data from multiple sources, while preserving data privacy. Supermicro presents choices of systems that support deep learning training, inference, Omniverse, virtualization, visualization, Kubernetes and CEPH. These systems provide the latest NVIDIA technologies, offering form factors, power consumption, cooling, for system builders; IT architects to make optimal tradeoffs to build their deep learning infrastructure.

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Solving the World's Greatest Cybersecurity Challenges using Micro-Segmentation

The traditional data center has emerged into a distributed, hybrid infrastructure, located on-premises, in the cloud, and at the edge. Protecting it requires a different way of thinking, combining capabilities from multiple disciplines. We'll explore current visibility and segmentation capabilities that empower simplified prevention, detection, and remediation of different attack classes such as ransomware and supply chain attacks. We'll present the first hardware-based micro-segmentation solution powered by Supermicro, NVIDIA DPU and Akamai/Guardicore unique micro-segmentation capabilities.

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